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Buying from the gallery.
Art work can be bought from the gallery. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee that an image will look exactly as it appears on the screen. This is because of the limited resolution of even the best monitors, and variability in colour reproduction.
Because of this, you can return the picture within 14 days and receive a full refund. Note that returns will only be accepted if the picture is in it's original condition, and we are notified before dispatch.
Unless specified otherwise, all art works are unframed.
The sizes of artwork stated are approximate and refers to the actual art work size and does not include the frame. Approximate sizes of the frame and mount are stated under the picture.

Private commissions
If you wish to commission a work of art, please contact us. An artist will discuss the details of the commission with you personally, including details of pricing.
For large commissions, roughs will be produced for your approval before the art work goes ahead. When roughs are produced, 20% of the final fee is required on completion of the roughs.
In all cases, final payment is required before delivery of the final art work.
In the event that you are not satisfied with the final art work, please contact us within 14 days to discuss full refund.

Pet portraits
Artists need a few good quality photographs of the pet with details of favourite positions the pet occupies, or any other compositional or colour elements that it is necessary to clarify with the artist. Send photos by post as the quality from e-mails will not be enough for artists to get a good likeness although initial contact by email is fine. Pet portraits start from 75 (for water colour) or 100 (oil on canvas), approximately A4 size. This is for up two pets in the same picture. Additional pets in the same picture cost 10 each. For example, for a picture in oil on canvas approximately A4 size, showing one pet, the cost is 100. The same format, showing two pets still costs 100. The same format showing three pets costs 110, and showing four pets costs 120. Larger formats (for example, A3) cost proportionately more. If you ask for too many pets on a smaller format, it may not be possible to fit them all into the picture.

Michael Huggins is the artist who paints caricatures. He requires a number good photos of the person, in addition to any other requirements of composition such as background or action of person (e.g.,  playing golf, at place of work etc). Caricatures start from 60 for a caricature of approximately A4 size. For more than one person in the same caricature, pricing is similar to pet portraits--for A4 size, one person costs 60, two people cost 60, three cost 70, four cost 80, etc. Larger formats such as A3 costs proportionately more, starting from 90. If you ask for too many people on a smaller format, it may not be possible to fit them all into the picture.

Please note:
In all instances copyright remains with the artist
All artwork is dispatched by secure carrier.
We regret, but we are currently unable to accept payment by credit or debit card.
Payment should be by cheque or postal order, made payable to "Something Arty".
For all orders, please add 20 per art work for P+P inside the UK. Outside UK, please contact us for price.


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